Gzleme Recipe

Gözleme is a savoury traditional Turkish stuffed pastry cooked on a hot surface. Great for a snack or supper. Recipe at FACEBOOK:


fashion show

I made it yesterday, it was absolutely amazing!!!


Was that all purpose or bread flour Thanks


Titlis, I burst out laughing when you said "If you've ever felt brave enough to leave your hotel room!" Lol! Thank you for this recipe and as another commentor said, you don't use expensive equipment! That's a plus :

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Lynne Perkins

One of the many reasons I like your videos is this--you don't use thousands of dollars' worth of equipment. That puts your recipes well within the reach of all of us. Simple, rib-sticking food---YUM

‫شوقي لك أحمدالجنيبي love‬‎

وعليكم السلام llove you my siste

Harun Yarar

My stupid mom keeps complaining that we have yufka I think that's how it's spelled and I'm like this one will work too and she's like Kxshucjsichwudwidjw

Aniva Fitisemanu

Haha!! That was great

saba saba

Excellent teacher!!!! Turkish eating is the best!!

love cooking

you are amazing, thank you.do you have any recipes from Yemen

Diane Zeng

How'd you know this Turkish recipe My nan cooks this for us for breakfast when we go ther

connie archer

Big hugs! you made me smile..

Shop Soso

thank you for posting our traditional food recipe.

kiel bennett

i love you personality and your awesome at cooking and baking so glad i descoverd this channe


I made this stuffed pastry for my family tonight. I stuffed it with onions, spinach, cauliflower, and feta. They all asked for more. Thank you! This will become a family favorite meal


You're the best, easy to follow understandable.  Thank you for your effort

Human angel

You make it so easy. I will cook it tonight. It's so delicious. Thank you

Cate Hamad

5 seconds in and I already love you! What a great personality!

sultan aldossri
israr ahmed

I was eat that first time in turkish caffe shop I like it .now I wil make

Alisha Rose

I ate gozleme in turkey and it was the best thing i ate there. I didn't realise it was so simple to make. Thanks Titlis


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